Does Your School’s SEN Provision Need a Check-Up

Is it time to reflect, reassess and reconsider the efficacy of your school’s SEN provision in relation to both the expectations and statutory responsibilities required of it? Assessments and reviews must not be mere box ticking exercises but rather need as a process to be so structured and tight as to be almost tangible.

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Peer on Peer Abuse Within Alternative Provision

This time the writes for Compliance Matters the educational compliance magazine from Handsam Ltd on the need for a focus on the peer on peer abuse of girls with SEND and in alternative provision. Read more at Compliance Matters Issue 13 September 2018    

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Education Issues-What are the implications of Keeping Children Safe in Education for pupils with SEND, and those who were, or are, LAC?

The writes again for Compliance Matters the educational compliance magazine from Handsam Ltd. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 came into force on the 3rd September and there is a renewed and clarified emphasis on the safeguarding of children with SEN and Disabilities, as well as a focus on “Looked After” (LAC), children whatever their... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to is my magazine style blog where I showcase my writing on a wide range of subjects with a focus on history, education, travel and the countryside

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Education Issues-Assessment & Education Health Care writes again for Compliance Matters

Read this month's contributions to educational compliance magazine Compliance Matters from Handsam Ltd. A Valued Judgement on Assessment Are you working for assessment or making assessment work for you? The problem was that the schools responded to Government demands by producing ever more perceived "clever" evidence of the act of assessing rather than the practical... Continue Reading →

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Bath 2240-3

In “Following Your Dream” a threshing barn dating back to the seventeenth century became a family home containing a longed-for pig killing bench used as a coffee table. The story of that bench intertwined with an account of the “Pig Clubs” set up to help war time Britain feed itself and the role it played... Continue Reading →

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